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Admission Rules and Regulations

  1. The candidates are required to fill-up the admission form in their own handwriting and submit their two passport size photographs, original certificates of previous class and character certificate duly signed by the head of the institution.
  2. Eligibility of the candidate will be checked by the admission committee and decision will be taken strictly as per their recommendation.
  3. The student already registered with GNDU Amritsar has to write his registration number in the admission form.
  4. The student who is not registered with GNDU Amritsar as he/she has passed previous class from other university/board (other than Punjab/Punjabi University and PSEB), will not be given admission without the eligibility certificate issued by GNDU Amritsar.
    1. In case the student is admitted on temporary basis without the eligibility certificate, he/she may have to submit his/her eligibility certificate with applicable late fee as per university rules.
    2. If the student stands unable to submit the eligibility certificate within the given time, his/her admission will be cancelled.
  5. For the eligibility certificate, the following documents have to be produced with applicable university fee and the application form.
    1. Original certificate and DMC of lower examination.
    2. Original migration certificate issued by related university/board.
    (Application for eligibility certificate can be sent if the migration certificate is not received under special circumstances.)
  6. Those who have passed their lower examination from Punjab/Punjabi University or from PSEB will be exempted from eligibility certificate at the time of admission.
  7. Foreign students and the students who have passed their +2 from Bihar Intermediate council will not be admitted without the eligibility certificate. To get eligibility certificate these students will have to produce character certificate/transfer certificate issued by the council along with the application and eligibility certificate.
  8. The students who have passed their Senior Secondary School Examination (+2) from National Open School, New Delhi should contact the college office before admission.
Note: The Principal is entitled to cancel admission.

Attendance, Leave and Fines

  • Attendance

    1. All the students are required to be present in the classes regularly.
    2. In accordance to the university norms, students have to attend at least 75% lectures of each subject or paper.
    3. In case of regular 10 shortages without taking leave, name of the student would be restrained.
  • Leave

    1. Before taking any leave, student has to file his/her application.
    2. Application form can be filed after taking leave only if student is severely ill or has urgent work.
    3. The teacher or professor cannot sanction leave for more than three days as only principal has this authority.
  • Fine

    Our motive is not to impose fines on students but to make them abide by the rules and regulations of the institution.

    In order to maintain discipline following fines may be imposed on students:

    • A fine of Rs 2.00 for absence in one lecture.
    • A fine of Rs 5.00 for absence in NCC parade.
    • A fine of Rs 100.00 per paper for absence in MST exams.
    A special fine may be imposed under special circumstances.

College Examination

To examine the progress of the students a Mid Semester Test (MST) is conducted in the month of March (Odd Semester) and October (Even Semester) and their results and current student attendance status are sent to the guardians of the student.

No student is allowed to remain absent during MST examinations, without a prior permission from the Principal under unavoidable circumstances. If the student is absent during MST exams, a fine of Rs 100/- per paper will be imposed.

University/Board examinations:

All the following requirements should be fulfilled by the students in order to appear in final examinations:

  1. The name of the student should have been sent to the controller of the university examination by the Principal.
  2. The student should have attended 75% of lectures during the current academic session.
  3. The student should have got 35% marks in every paper of MST examination.
  4. The character of the student should be satisfactory.

The students who are unable to fulfil the above-said requirements will have to undergo a conditional examination before final examination. The paper will be from all subjects and the student must secure 40% marks in aggregate. The arrangement for this examination will be made after a recommendation by the Principal.

Fee Concession and Scholarship

Deserving students are granted fee concession by the college. Student can also take benefit from the scholarships sponsored by Government/University as mentioned below:

  1. Post-Matric scholarship scheme (Indian Govt.)
  2. Scholarship from Punjab State Scheduled Caste Welfare Society.
  3. Scholarship to the students belonging to the Backward Classes.
  4. Scholarship to the students of Minorities (Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists & Paresis etc.)
  5. Deserving students can get scholarships under the National Loan Schemes started by the Indian Govt.
  6. Scholarships for handicapped students.

Apart from these, scholarships are also given by Bhai Rupinder Singh Rupi Trust and Advocate Sh. S.N. Aggarwal every year. For these scholarships students should fulfil these eligibility conditions:

  1. The student should have scored more than 70% marks.
  2. Their parents' annual income should be less than Rs. two lac.

From session 1990-91, a special merit scholarship has been started by Late S. Chanan Singh Dosanj which is given to deserving students.

Special facilities for deserving and meritorious students:

  1. Students securing first, second and third positions in academics will be awarded 30%, 25% and 20% fee concession respectively to instil competitive sprit amongest them and enhance.
  2. Needy students may get concessions from the college.
  3. Students getting merit in university or first position in University/Board will be given full fee concession.
  4. Merit holders will get free books for from book bank on returnable basis.

Special concessions for sports students:

  1. Student players will get concession on the basis of matches played at State or University Level.
  2. Needy student players can apply for fee concession.
  3. While deciding fee concession for student players, due consideration will be given to discipline, good character, capability and conduct.


At the end of every academic session, students who excel in the fields of academic, sports and extra-curricular activities will be awarded as mensioed below:

Academic Awards

  1. Students holding university merit position.
  2. Students securing first position in university examination.
  3. Student achieving first position in house examination without having failed in any of paper.
  4. Student who secure first, second and third position in any event of Youth Festival.

Sports Awards

  1. Student securing first position in university competitions.
  2. Student being selected as the member of university/state team.
  3. Student being selected as the best cadet of N.S.S or N.C.C.

Code of conduct

The main objective of the college is to instil the quality of discipline in the students. For this, all the students are expected to obey all theserules strictly.

  1. Ragging is not allowed in the college campus. Strict action will be taken against the students found guilty. A special anti-ragging cell has beend formed for this purpose.
  2. Students should maintain discipline in the classroom.
  3. Students should be punctual and reach the college in time.
  4. It is expected Students should not roam about in the college premisis aimlessly.
  5. Discipline should be maintained in the college especially in the class, library and corridors.
  6. Students should visit library during their free lecture.
  7. Student are not allowed to use abusive language in the college and engadge themselves in any kind of violent behaviour.
  8. As college property belongs to the students, they should keep it intact. Students will be heavily fined if found causing any damage to the college property.
  9. Flower beds and grass lawns should be kept clean and maintained.
  10. Students should abstain from any politics activity.
  11. Students should get their leaves sanctioned from proper authority. The name of the students for more than 10 days will be struck off from the list of regular students.
  12. All important notifications will be pinned on the notice board for the information of the students.
  13. Use of drugs is prohibited in college campus. If anyone found guilty, authoritative action shall be taken against him/her.
  14. Students should keep their mobile phones switched off during college hours. No student is allowed to use ear phones inside the college campus.