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Mission & Vision

The mission of the college is based on the ethics of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji – ‘Nam Japna’ (recitation and to dwell on the name of true Lord), ‘Kirat Karna’ (importance and dignity of self-work) and ‘Vand Shakna’ (sharing of your resources with others) as a base and lay foundation to impart education and to shape human personality accordingly. To promote quality education and research was the mission of the founders of this college so that the students who are rural, poor, underprivileged and girls particularly can equip and excel in academics, sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The idea was to achieve an ideal blend of strong Indian philosophical base and to develop and build on it, quality edifice of education and knowledge on scientific and progressive lines.

Guru Nanak College, Sukhchainana Sahib, Phagwara came into existence, as significant part of an idea, which originated in whole of Punjab, on the fifth birth centenary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in 1969 AD, to perpetuate Guru’s mission to enlighten the masses, particularly in the domain of education and health. Thus, the college came into existence as a multi-faculty, post-graduate, co-educational institute in 1970 to bring this educational transformation, to cater primarily the rural, economically backward and underprivileged (SC/ST/Minorities/Migrants) sections of society. The intent was to bring transformation through education and awareness to strengthen them educationally at affordable cost and with output rich in quality. The vision in nutshell was to equip youth with such humanistic qualities and strengthen and empower the youth on firm footing, leading to a scientific, progressive and vibrant India.


  • To impart qualitative education to the students as per their needs and as per their locale demands in which this institution is set-up. The objective is primarily human resource development and capacity building of individuals to cater the needs of the economy, society and country as a whole.
  • To equip youth with job-oriented professional education at affordable cost but qualitative in nature so that global competencies can be fostered.
  • To strengthen the students with attributes of personality enhancement like leadership qualities, confidence and competence building, work and to develop in different groups/situations by involving them in academic, sports and co-curricular activities. This will also serve cause of social justice and help in achieving the concept of equal opportunities to all.
  • To strengthen social and moral values among the students by organising extension lectures of eminent resource persons to initiate awareness, campaigns to highlight social evils, to create awareness on significant concerns like environmental issues, tree plantation, blood donation and other social abuses. Thus value system will be inculcated among the students.
  • To prepare the students for after exam activity i.e. for placement, preparedness through competitive exams or through direct placement so that their careers can be given proper direction and shape.
  • To help the needy and meritorious students by granting them scholarships, liberal fee concessions, free books and other facilities so that the students belonging to rural and underprivileged sections of society can excel in education.
  • To provide transport facility to the girl students of surrounding villages and of local town at a very nominal rate to enable them to pursue higher education for their better future.
  • To save the youth from serious evils like drug abuse, a residential sports academy has been set-up in the college which provides totally free boarding, lodging and training facility to the promising sports persons.
  • To organise life training programmes with prominent Government and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) to make students face real life challenges without any difficulty. This collaboration will further expand a relationship between the ‘World of Skilled Work’ and the ‘World of Competent Learning’.
  • Promotion of new technologies for teaching-learning activity for the quest of excellence in quality education alongwith promotion of core universal values like truth and righteousness among students.